You’re ready to reclaim your energy, reconnect to yourself and your priorities, and feel physically and mentally grounded and strong again. My yoga, breathing and meditation offerings give you step-by-step guidance, inspiration, and support on your journey back to you.

Photo by Damon Claussen

Photo by Damon Claussen

In-Person Group Classes and Workshops

Loosen up that sore back, those tight shoulders, and achy legs. Burn off that afternoon of sitting in intense meetings. Let off steam from dealing with toxic co-workers. Keep your nose above water in the riptides of work and home demands. Finally get a good night’s sleep. Reconnect to yourself and give your body what it needs in one of my in-person yoga, breathing, and meditation classes and workshops.

“Tami saved my life. She helped me heal my back, overcome a knee injury, and survive the most difficult business and life challenges I’ve ever faced. I now know at a deep level that I am not my work or what other people think of me, and I sleep better at night. I learned that the stress isn’t worth it, and that action and acceptance are.”
— Nick Z., attorney and entrepreneur, Chicago, IL

Private SEssions

Find your pace without worrying about the rest of the class. Ditch distractions like the person at the front of the room doing their own postures and checking their phone. Get my undivided attention, customized sequences, and modifications for your unique body to help you find relief. Whether you have a specific medical condition or just want some individual care, you’ll feel like a million bucks after a private therapeutic yoga, breathing and meditation session. Virtual options available.

“Tami is gifted and talented. I will always be indebted to her for our sessions...they helped save me when I needed it the most. Her awareness and intuition made such a difference, as for a time I got some relief and peace. I’m glad she’s in this world.”
— Greg E., CEO, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Your Personalized Yoga Video

Stop stressing to make it to class when you get off work late, your kid has baseball practice, your spouse is out of town, and your dishwasher just died. Sometimes your schedule doesn’t match your favorite studio’s. Sometimes you just want to practice at o’dark thirty. After a quick phone or video consultation to chat about what you want, I’ll be there for you day or night in your very own personalized yoga video. You’re worth finding the time for your practice, whether you can make it to class or not.